Democrats want a government shutdown because they think that they can blame the Republicans for it

From Politico.

For all the effort Democrats have put into portraying Republicans to be hot on the idea of a shutdown, it’s really Democrats who are talking much more about it — almost incessantly.

Why? It’s quite simple: The last time budget fighting let to shutdowns, in late 1995 and early 1996, a new Republican majority tested a Democratic president entering the stretch run of his first term. Gingrich lost the public relations war to Clinton — and badly. Many Republicans aren’t anxious to reprise that history.

Every time a Democratic leader says Republicans want a shutdown and that it would be bad for the country, listen closely for the clause that follows: Often it’s a veiled mention of 1995.

By talking about a shutdown — and saying it’s Republicans who want one — Democratic leaders are making sure to position themselves for the blame game that would surely ensue. . . .



Blogger loves2spin said...

It really is disgusting. WHY can't people just be honest? They'd all be much happier. Pie in the sky, I know.

2/22/2011 7:14 PM  

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