11-year-old arrested over 'inappropriate' stick figure drawing

Arrested for a drawing? Pretty sad, but not too surprising over the mindless zero tolerance rules.

ARVADA, Colo. -- An 11-year-old Arvada boy was arrested and hauled away in handcuffs for drawing stick figures in school - something his therapist told him to do.

His parents say they understand what he did was inappropriate, but are outraged by the way Arvada Police handled the case. The parents did not want their real names used.

They say "Tim" is being treated for Attention Deficit Disorder and his therapist told him to draw pictures when he got upset, rather than disrupt the class. So that’s what he did.

Last October, he drew stick figures of himself with a gun, pointed at four other stick figures with the words "teacher must die."

He felt calmer and was throwing the picture away when the teacher saw it and sent him to the principal's office.

The school was aware that the boy was in treatment, determined he was not a threat, notified his parents and sent him back to class. His mother, "Jane" was shocked when Arvada Police showed up at their home later that night. . . .



Blogger Dbowhunter said...

Interference? I guess throwing away a piece of paper during class can be distracting... Better put a liason officer in every class with zip-ties to grab every kid passing love notes, shooting spit wads (they've started that already), and whispering gossip. God forbid the kid put a whoppie cushion on the teachers seat... CALL IN SWAT

2/23/2011 12:57 PM  

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