Compact fluorescent light bulb explodes and causes fire

Well, if people don't like the light from these CFL's, they can use the bulbs for the July 4th fireworks!

A compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) is to blame for an accidental electrical fire in Hornell Wednesday morning, said Steuben County Fire Investigator Joe Gerych.

“Those are the lights everybody’s been telling us to use,” he said. “It blew up like a bomb. It spattered all over.”

A CFL on the ceiling burst, said Gerych, and gas inside the CFL bulb helped start the fire. He added exploding CFLs are rare.

The North Hornell Fire Department responded to a call from the McNeill residence, 7185 N. Main St. Ext., Hornellsville, a little before 7 a.m. Wednesday, said North Hornell Fire Chief Mike Robbins.

The department arrived minutes later and extinguished the fire in about 15 minutes, said Robbins. The fire didn’t spread beyond the room of origin. Robbins said the room where the fire started, and everything in the room, was destroyed in the blaze. The rest of the house suffered smoke and water damage. . . .

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Blogger Lighthouse said...

CFLs and LEDs do of course have their advantages as well -
but the "switch all your lights and save lots of money" campaigns are like
saying "Eat only bananas and save lots of money!"

It is a light bulb "ban" that's coming:
Any light bulb not meeting the energy usage standard is banned.
Yes, energy efficient halogen incandescent replacements are allowed, but
still have some constructional and appearance differences, a whiter
light output etc compared with regular bulbs, apart from
costing much more for the small savings, which is why neither
consumers or governments really like them, since they have been around
for a while now without being sold much.

No light bulbs should be banned:
There is no present or future shortage of energy sources for electricity
justifying telling what paying consumers can use,
especially since the overall USA energy savings from light bulb regulations
are less than 1% anyway,
based on the US Dept of Energy's own statistics ( ceolas.net/#li171x )
-remember the politicians keep including non-incandescent street and
industrial lighting in the usual high US usage percentages quoted.

Much greater, and much more relevant, energy waste savings arise from
effectively organized electricity generation and grid distribution,
and from reducing the unnecessary use of appliances:
rather than from stopping people in their choice of what appliance to use.

3/25/2011 9:44 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

CFL lights is power saving and long life if you are using best quality CFL raw material in the manufacturing of CFL light.

7/30/2015 3:24 AM  

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