TV’s ‘Human Target’ Gets Women Owning Guns Right

I would have picked a different title for this piece than what was used over at Big Hollywood, but people might find this interesting. My piece starts this way:

“Human Target” is a fun show to watch. Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) is an expert at self-defense and his job is to protect people from life-threatening situations. This episode is about the case that moved Chance from being an assassin to his current job of protecting people. In this case, he has decided to protect a witness named Katherine Walters (Amy Acker). The following exchange takes place at about the 12:50 mark.
Christopher Chance: [Hands Katherine Walters a gun.] Now you don’t have to take this. I am just saying . . .
Katherine pulls back the slide and turns off the safety on the gun.
Chance: Apparently you know what you are doing
Katherine: I’m single and I live downtown.
Chance nods his head approvingly.

It is nice to see a show accurately acknowledge what women benefit the most from owning a gun. My own research shows that women benefit much more from owning guns than men do. . . .

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