"Sen. Ben Nelson Booed Out of Pizza Parlor"

Apparently voters are upset with Senator Ben Nelson for breaking his promises.

You may remember that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson cast the decisive vote in favor of a government health care takeover after, of course, securing a bundle of money for his home state.

Now it appears that that did not win him any friends in conservative Nebraska. Politico.com reports that Thursday night he and his wife were booed out of an Omaha pizzeria by angry customers who apparently yelled things like, "Get him out of here!"

There may be no consequences in D.C., but it's good to see that the good folks in the Midwest know how to hold their representatives accountable.



Blogger Unknown said...

Sometimes anecdotal evidence can be more motivational than statistical evidence. I'm sending my fans at Madeira for Congress here to remind them that they are not alone in opposing corruption in government.

1/19/2010 6:13 AM  

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