Obama could do something to stop racial recriminations and he does very little

Hume: (Obama's) repudiation is quite mild, he's really not slammed the door, he's really not sent a signal that 'I'll have no part of this,'If he did, and if he said, this is not about race, this is about honest policy differences and shouted it from the rooftops, that I think would be in keeping with the person he projected to us in the campaign which is post racial man, he hasn't done that and I think that leaves the door open to the toxicity that is likely to creep into the debate from here forward. People who are honestly opposing Barack Obama and there are lots of them, do not like being accused of a racist. . . . .

Hume goes on to say: "He is not doing all he could . . . ." The problem here is that when Obama says that it is not "mainly" about race it fans the flames of these concerns.

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