Appearing on Thom Hartmann's Radio Show on Air America

We will be discussion Thom's piece: "Want to Stimulate the Economy? Lower the Retirement Age to 55 Now!" I will be on at 1:15 PM EDT.

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Blogger AnonymousDoe said...

Mr. Hartmann's plan seems really out there. I'm 55 and if I retire today, Social Security would barely cover my health insurance premiums each month.

As far as a retirement plans go, many people I know watched helplessly last fall as a good chunk of their 401Ks went up in smoke because of the financial meltdown.

Clearly the opposite is going to happen: many baby boomers will have to work until they are 70 to make ends meet and to have their 401Ks not get used up too soon.

Many baby boomers are also banking of their homes as a backup to fund their retirements. But what happens 10 to 15 years from now when too many of us want to cash out of our real estate investments?

9/01/2009 8:55 PM  

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