New Fox News Op-ed: The Obama Administration's changing positions on how bad the recession is

My new piece at Fox News starts off this way:

Last Friday, Lawrence Summers, the White House Economics adviser, blamed a fearful public for dragging the economy down and said that there was an “excess of fear.” Summers is right that an “excess of fear” has really harmed the economy and that that the downturn has been much sharper than it had to be.

Fear has scared consumers into changing their spending decisions. Businesses that would have gotten money from those consumers have had to change their plans and cut back on employment. The increase in unemployment is temporary as the money hasn’t disappeared, but simply gone to other places and it takes time to move jobs around.

As this fear has spread, the economy has shrunk even faster.

But who has been responsible for instilling this fear? . . . .

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Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

BHO has repeatedly overstated the actual crisis, if there really was one in the first place.

I predict that BHO will take credit for any recovery that should come later, all the while minimizing any facts, and touting his plan as the solution.

The facts are simple here. Claim doom and gloom in order to get elected, and then claim success when the economy rebounds (which it will, if left alone).

The answer to your question, Dr. Lott, is simple. BHO himself spread the fear.

3/17/2009 10:55 AM  

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