CNN: "Dems say Palin could be a 'disaster'"

This is a nice measured response from the Dems.



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Obama's college degrees are meaningless only to someone who is ignorant of the particulars of a Harvard Law education. As a former student of a community college, let me offer some insights. To be a student at Harvard Law is to be, arguably, at the best law school in the country. Further, to be a member of Harvard Law Review means that Obamba was in the top 5% of his class. This means that he was among the best of the best (by GPA, not affirmative action). To be selected as editor of Harvard Law Review, by his peers, is among the single highest intellectual distinction any one can achieve in academia. Therefore, for his time at Harvard, Obama had the unique distinction of being the best of the best at the best!
Everyone in the media knows this (even Shawn Hannity) but they down play it because then they would have to admit that Obama (an African-American man) possesses probably the single greatest intellectual mind in politics today. There is no Governor, nor senator, nor congressman who currently has such a robust academic and intellectual record: no republican, no Palin, and no certainly no McCain.
If one says that they do not respect Obama because they disagree with his "values," that is their choice, that's personal.
If one says that they do not respect Obama because they disagree with his philosophy on government, that is their choice and that is ideological.
But if they dare say that one with a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Idaho, who must have completed her Master’s training by being a member of the PTA, and her doctoral thesis in government by fixing potholes can compare with the intellectual capacity and judgment of the best of the best at Harvard Law, they must be misinformed, grossly bias, intellectually challenged or out of their rabid minds
There are those who believe that Palin is better qualified because she is a Governor. Well so is the actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the wrestler, Jesse Ventura. It is obvious that wisdom was not a pre-requisite for being governor. It could mean that they were great actors and great entertainers with great personalities. Heck, I don’t know all the details of being a governor, but if Jesse can do it, Arnold can do it, and Sarah can do it, 50% of the college graduates from my local community college can do it!!! I'm not impressed! For the record, my local community college, Miami Dade Community College, was ranked #1 in the nation for several years. Go Miami!
To honestly say that (of the 300 million Americans available today) Sarah Palin is best suited to be the VP of this country (in these critical times) is evidence that politics has become an institution for the popular and the pretty, not the principled and the wise, for the republicans.
By Governor Sarah Palin’s own declaration on how she fundamentally functions she disqualifies herself. She states that one must be wired in a way not to blink before they act. This is dangerous. This way of thinking is a menace to society and will lead to dumb wars. Since Governor Palin is a faithful Christian, let me remind her of the folly of her philosophy as determined by one of the wisest men who ever lived:
• "Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath."
• "He that answered a matter before he heareth it, it is a folly and a shame unto him."
• "Even a fool if he keepeth his tongue seemeth wise." This implies that it is wiser fundamentally to believe in thinking before acting!! Wow, what a novel concept. Advise to Sarah Palin: THINK BEFORE YOU BLINK!!
• "In the multitude of counsel there is safety." The leader must be willing to gather and carefully evaluate the wisdom from any and all informed sources. They should be willing to gather the opinions of those who both follow them and opposed them before they make a decision, carefully weigh the options, and then make decision. Bush's failure comes from his unwillingness to keep anything but "yes" men around him. A great leader will not function from the singularity of instinct, but govern from the multitude of counsel. Follow your instinct when there is no time to think, otherwise make decisions by the multitude of counsel.
In regard to Governor’s Palin’s intellectual insights, tell me why you like her. Is it because she is funny? Is it because she looks nice in camouflage holding a rifle? If that is the case, then that is all that we can expect from entertainers and jokers, but let it clear that is not what we expect from our national and international leaders! We deserve more than the intellect of one whose knowledge of Russia consists only of knowing where she can see it from her back yard.
I know enough to know that the Presidency, of necessity, is a job that no one is ever fully prepared for because new challenges come to every administration that has no model predecessor. Is she best qualified? Let me use the words of her God again to highlight my personal problem with her.
Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. We must look for one who governs and believes in establishing a fair playing field for all, is willing to make sure the game is played fairly, remembers the poor, liberates the law abiding, and locks down the lawless.
Her accomplishment as Governor, by her God’s standards, disqualifies her yet again. She taxed big oil to the hilt. She did not know what with the loot, so she sent it back to the poor as tax rebates. That's not fiscal responsibility, that is fiscal foolishness. Lou Dobbs or Glenn Beck should be in terror of one so willing to participate in the socialist redistribution of wealth. As a modern day Robin Hood, who takes from the rich and give to the poor, she now has the best approval rating money can buy!! I'm not impressed.
If she were a responsible governor, she should have had a plan for state as to what she intended to do with the money. For starters, why not revitalize the educational system in Alaska, since it is the third worst in the country. Why didn’t she raise teacher wages, build new roads, upgrade the tourism board, or buy some more books instead of seeking to ban others. Why not affordable health care for everyone in the state or a tax rebate for companies that pays for their employees healthcare? What did she do for unemployment in her state? What did she do to create or encourage the production of alternative sources of energy? Why didn’t she revitalize the small community so her bridge to nowhere would now be a bridge to somewhere? What was she thinking? My guess is that she was not thinking; she was blinking. She was blinking from the cameras and flashes one gets from being in the limelight. One thing is certain she was not thinking about her family or the constituents of her state!
Since she has offered no reason for this financial fiasco, I dare to posit one for the pundits- SHE SIMPLY DID NOT KNOW BETTER! The kind of reasoning that channels money into investments in the people's future takes thinking. That kind of reasoning is productive and has a fundamental understanding of government. That kind of reasoning comes from the private ponderings of someone with a vision for our children's future. Sarah Palin has made a name for herself by pointing out the weaknesses of the opposition and eliminating them or destroying them when in power; she has not made a name for herself be elevating the standard of living for her constituents.
Everyone pays taxes so that the government is empowered to help create the social structure (education and social services), infrastructure (roads, lights, utilities) and law enforcement (police dept, fire rescue, military, etc) that benefits the corporate good. So taxes are a necessary evil even in a free society. Good government knows how to best handle the tax money. Bad government mishandles the money and gets manipulated by special interest groups who subcontract to perform services for the government.
Who knows, maybe Sarah needs to get a continuing education course in government. Maybe she doesn’t know that the government is responsible for more than civic centers, roads and pipelines. She is apparently getting a civic lesson in national politics from John McCain and the politics of sleeze from Karl Rove. (You see, the pork barrel funds that Alaska lives by is the same kind of funds John McCain promises to cut off. SHHHH. Maybe the voters won’t realize that Palin is a financial hypocrite: say no to the bridge, but yes to the money. They think that voters don’t think, so they may never realize the difference.
Maybe she should have been a community organizer. At least then, she would have a real understanding of the pains that real people go through in trying to live in this society. Maybe then she would be forced to THINK of real solutions to problems.

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