Left wing Academics Guess that it will be a 6 to 3 Decision that Owning Guns is an Individual Right

The American Constitutional Society is the left wing equivalent of the Federalist Society.

For those of us who believe that the collective rights model is the correct one for the Second Amendment – that is, that the Amendment, properly read, only grants a right to keep and bear arms within the government militia – oral argument in District of Columbia v Heller was ominous. Based on comments at oral argument or previously, I count six likely votes for the individual rights interpretation: Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Breyer, Roberts, and Alito.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is obvious to me that Professor Bogus has never read any of Dr. Lott's books. Where does he get these lopsided ideas? I can only hope that the naive Professor never finds himself in a desparate situation. His views will be his demise. Too bad he can't defend himself with his words of wit.

3/23/2008 1:50 AM  
Blogger Jungle Jim said...

Breyer will vite for individual rights? If true, that will be a pleasant surprise.

3/23/2008 10:05 PM  
Blogger jon said...

"Meanwhile, we know that the law under challenge –- the District of Columbia's handgun ban -– reduced firearm-related homicides within the District by 25 percent and firearm-related suicides by 23 percent. Colin Loftin, Ph.D., et al., Effects of Restrictive Licensing of Handguns of Homicide and Suicide in the District of Columbia."

cited material (from 1991) and quote from abstract:


"In Washington, D.C., the adoption of the gun-licensing law coincided with an abrupt decline in homicides by firearms (a reduction of 3.3 per month, or 25 percent) and suicides by firearms (reduction, 0.6 per month, or 23 percent)."

i don't need to fully go into the diatribe about how banning nailguns means people will build their houses with hammers instead, but, i'm not sure if i'm glad for the victims who were stabbed instead of shot, but carl doesn't seem to care.

so i noticed he re-hashed this during the panel debate, at the very end of the "introduction" segment:


which got me googling. check out these graphs:


gee, maybe RW should give me carl's job.

3/24/2008 5:40 AM  

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