Antifa not only admits to using violence, they say that it is necessary

The communists who make up Antifa don't see any irony in using violence to combat authoritarianism.  Amazingly, Antifa claims that the police are "no better" than the Nazi. From The Hill:
Antifa activists justify their use of violence as self-defense against “the inherent danger of fascists organizing,” according to Mark Bray, a Dartmouth historian and author of a recent book on the movement. 
“The argument is that it needs to be stopped immediately, because if you let it grow, that poses a danger to society,” Bray said. 
Dubbed the “alt-left” by President Trump, antifa has increasingly been making their presence known after his victory in the 2016 election was openly embraced by white supremacists. 
On Sunday, antifa protesters hurled glass bottles and bricks at police officers monitoring a far-right march in Portland, Ore. . . . 
"Getting state involved in this is no better than letting the Nazis go free,” he said, pointing to the Virginia State Police response to the violence at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, which many protesters and counterprotesters criticized as too slow. 
Activists, including Isaacson, claim that police departments and the military have been infiltrated by Nazis and “have them kind of on their side. . . .
UPDATE: "MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace defended Antifa on Thursday afternoon, and referred to them as 'good people' on 'the side of angels.'” For those who don't remember, Wallace was Sarah Palin's handler during the 2008 presidential campaign, and Wallace sabotaged Palin's appearances. 



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