New in the Chicago Tribune: How Democrats keep guns in the hands of the rich

Dr. John Lott has a new piece in the Chicago Tribune today (it will be in the print edition tomorrow).  The piece starts this way:
When it comes to voting rights, any obstacles outrage liberals; even free government-issued IDs are viewed as disenfranchising poor and disproportionately black people. But when it comes to the right to own a gun for self-defense, liberals don't hesitate to pile on fees, ID requirements, expensive training and onerous background checks. 
That's too bad, because many law-abiding citizens in crime-ridden neighborhoods really do need a gun for self-defense. Since poor, urban blacks are the most likely victims of violent crime, there is little doubt that they stand to benefit the most from owning guns. Research, including my own, has demonstrated this. 
A new report from the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that the average fee for a concealed handgun permit is $67, but it is much higher in the most Democratic states. Each 10-percentage-point increase in a state's presidential vote for Hillary Clinton was associated with an additional $30 in the concealed handgun permit fee. In California, where Clinton won by about 30 points, fees can be as high as $385 for just two years. In New York City, where she won by 60 points, a three-year permit costs $430. 
In addition to prohibitive fees, some blue states — California, Illinois — require four times as many training hours as the national average, adding hundreds of dollars to the cost of obtaining a concealed-carry license. In California counties, the mandated cost of training can run from $250 to more than $1,000. Compare heavily Democratic Illinois, where the cost of permit and training runs over $450, with neighboring Republican Indiana where the total cost for everything is $50.



Blogger ZigZag Fred said...

When I moved to Texas I was shocked to learn what a CPL (now LTC) costs. I already held permits from Washington state ($55), Utah ($55 class, $55 permit). A Texas permit requires a $110 class, $140 permit fee ($40 starting Sept 1), $10 fingerprint fee, $10 certified mailing fee if you don't live near Austin.

Incredible that a permit costs almost $300 in a state known for it's many, many gun owners and it's cowboy traditions and wild west history.

Amarillo is very conservative; Austin s very liberal.

8/09/2017 9:13 AM  

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