Mexican citizen living in Texas illegally voted in five elections, registered to vote multiple times

This woman claims that it didn't know that it was a crime for a Mexican to vote in US elections, but that is somewhat undercut by her registering in multiple Texas counties and saying that she was a citizen when she registered to vote.  From Fox News:
A Mexican citizen living in Texas was sentenced this week to eight years in prison for voting illegally in elections in 2012 and 2014. 
Rosa Maria Ortega, 37, was found guilty Wednesday on two counts of illegal voting after she falsely claimed to be a United States citizen and voted at least five times between 2012 and 2014. . . . 
The Dallas News reported Ortega voted in the November 2012 election and May 2014 GOP primary runoff in Dallas County. 
According to Fox 4 News, Ortega’s identity came into question after she tried to register to vote twice in Tarrant County. Both applications were denied. . . .  
In her defense, Ortega testified that she didn’t understand the differences between the rights granted to citizens and the rights granted to legal residents. . . . 
The Dallas News reported that prosecutors showed that Ortega has checked a box on her driver’s license form indicating she was not a citizen. 
However, the Dallas County election administrator said Ortega had filled out a voter application and checked that she was a citizen in 2015. . . .
More examples of vote fraud are herehere, and here.  



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