Penn Gov. Tom Corbett signs a pro-gun law barring local restrictions

Tom Corbett has consistently been one of the best governors in the country on gun control issues.  His signing the new law that ends the patchwork quilt of local gun regulations is just one example of that.  It is interesting that gun-control advocates who keep pushing state and Federal gun control laws support letting local gun control laws when it gets them what they want.  Unfortunately, Corbett has been unjustly beaten up over other issues, such as privatizing state liquor stores or introducing some competition to public schools.  Unions are taking a big stand against him.

From The Blaze:
The bill specifically would prevent local governments from passing gun laws that are more restrictive than the state gun laws and basically erases existing local gun laws. 
The bill signing could rally support from gun owners for Corbett in the final stretch of his campaign where he trails Democratic candidate Tom Wolf by double digits in most recent polls
The National Rifle Association called the bill, “the strongest firearms preemption statute in the country.” . . .



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