Obama story on Bergdahl unraveling: questions on Obama's claims about Bergdahl's health and threats to his life

CNN: Taliban Told Special Ops Bergdahl Doesn't Have Any Serious Health Issues, Medical Officials in Germany confirm that his condition is certainly not one of life or death, questions raised about Obama administration's initial explanation for not telling Congress about trade with Taliban.

Of course, the Obama administration seems to realize that their initial story isn't working out too well so now they are claiming that they had to make the deal quickly because "the Taliban threatened to kill Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl if the pending deal to free him was made public."  From Fox News:
. . . But one senior source told Fox News that this claim is "ridiculous," since "notifying Congress does not make it public."  A member of the Senate Intelligence Committee added: "This is BS." Congressional sources argue that leaders of the congressional intelligence committees -- who were kept in the dark here -- were able to keep the secret when they were told "months in advance" about plans to go after Usama bin Laden. Sources tell Fox News such lawmakers are "regularly trusted with sensitive information that is not made public." Fox News is also told that these notifications can be classified -- further ensuring such information would remain private. Asked about the notion that a threat on Bergdahl's life was the reason for not notifying Congress, one House Republican aide said, "That's a flimsy, and frankly offensive, argument." . . . .
NBC has a devastating news story about the Obama administration claims available here.

Some other information
Bergdahl Squad Leader: After He Deserted, the Accuracy of IED Attacks Against Us Improved

Bergdahl Squad Leader: If 'Bergdahl Hadn't Deserted Us,' Six Americans Might Still Be Alive

Hillary Clinton defends the trade.  Even Diane Sawyer seems surprised when Hillary says it "doesn't matter" how Bergdahl ended up in the situation that he did



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