New Breitbart article on the Crime Prevention Research Center

From the Breitbart article by Kristin Tate:
Breitbart News previously reported that economist John Lott will establish the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), an initiative to produce studies focused on the relationship between firearms and crime. Lott is largely funding CPRC with donations from individuals who support his mission. Just one month after launching CPRC's campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, Lott has already exceeded $30,000 in donations. The financial success of Lott's campaign suggests that Americans are hungry for accurate information regarding guns and crime, amid a mainstream media that often vilifies firearms and those who own them. The CPRC is currently the most successful campaign in the education section on Indiegogo and has more than double the number of funders than the other trending education campaigns. Lott's project is additionally the third trending campaign in the education section."You spend years trying to work through data to figure out what saves the most lives, and the support that we are receiving is very gratifying," Lott told Breitbart News. "People care about having an objective source that they can trust. The notes that we have received in the mail have really been encouraging." . . .



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