Obama has more federal judges confirmed than George Bush

Obama not only has more federal judges confirmed, but his judges are much more liberal than Bush's were conservative.  The confirmations represent a real change in the federal bench.  From Politico:
Over the course of his presidency so far, Obama’s nominated 301 judges and gotten 237 confirmed. By this point in his presidency, Bush had nominated 267 judges and had 234 of them confirmed.As of April 4, Obama has gotten 44 circuit court judges and 191 district court judges confirmed. As of April 4, 2006, Bush had 43 circuit court and 189 district court judges confirmed. . . .
Obama has thus appointed 25 percent of the 179 circuit court judges and 28 percent of 677 district court judges.  Because Democrats can confirm anyone they want, the number of nominations is probably a better measure of Obama's impact and that means he will soon have about 35 percent of the federal bench (301/856).  He is clearly on track to appoint over half of the circuit and district court judges.

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