Yet more Wikipedia errors: "How Wikipedia's sloppy facts obscured reality in Apple vs. Samsung trial"

As anyone should know, topics of controversy invite all sorts of misleading claims to be posted on Wikipedia (also here).  Apple Computer is apparently not immune from this treatment.  From AppleInsider:
At first glance, Wikipedia's article on the first California Apple v. Samsung trial appears to be an attempt to create an unbiased legal outline of events, one that is painstakingly researched and carefully sourced.  
But as is the case whenever the free online encyclopedia ventures into a subject involving any sort of controversy, the side Wikipedia presents is the side of whoever has lots of free time and resources to devote to telling one.  
A series of legal arguments and patent claims between Apple and Samsung that Wikipedia could have reported in factual depth is instead substituted with a slanted narrative flattering Samsung, a company that has, in its third year of legal wrangling with Apple, so far lost major infringement cases while winning no real significant legal recognition of any of its own patent infringement claims in any jurisdiction. . . . .



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