Fed government raids gun parts stores despite court order

From the local Fox station in San Diego:
With a search warrant in hand, federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confiscated computers, customer lists and the questionable polymer 80 percent lower receivers from four Ares Armor store locations throughout San Diego County over the weekend. 
“There were women and children inside our retail establishment when the (ATF) agents came in with guns drawn,” said Ares Armor Executive Officer Dimitrios Karras. “They came into our firearms manufacturing facility saying, ‘Arms up!’  like they were invading Iraq.” 
The raid happened three days after Ares owner was granted a temporary restraining by a judge to stop ATF agents from searching their stores. 
The ATF confirmed they were investigating the stores for federal firearm violations stemming from the sale of a new plastic version of the 80 percent lowers, which gun enthusiast use to build their own AR-15 rifles. . . .

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Blogger Blaine Holzer said...

And - if the Supreme Court tells Obama to reign in his unconstitutional behavior - what makes anyone think he'll obey? I don't believe anyone understands how out of control the executive branch has become.

3/20/2014 2:11 PM  

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