Why does the media trust the Obamacare numbers put out by the Obama administration?

After first refusing to release Obamacare enrollment numbers when the Obama administration knew how bad they were and then dramatically inflating the numbers by counting people as signed up when they haven't paid for the plans (see also here), the media still reports the Obama numbers without any qualifiers.  From Fox News:
The Obama administration announced early Sunday that enrollment in the federal healthcare exchange passed the 1 million mark in December as more than 975,000 people signed up between December 1 and the December 24 deadline to ensure coverage beginning on the first of 2014.  
Officially, the administration put the total of people now enrolled at more than 1.1 million people now enrolled and boasted that the site was able to support 83,000 concurrent visitors on December 23, the next-to-last day before the sign-up deadline. By contrast, the administration reported only 27,000 sign-ups in October --the website's first, error-prone month -- and 137,000 in November. 
The administration has yet to provide a December update on the 14 states running their own exchanges. While California, New York, Washington, Kentucky and Connecticut have performed well, others are still struggling. 
The windfall comes at a critical moment for Obama's sweeping health care law, which becomes "real" for many Americans on Jan. 1 when coverage through the exchanges and key patient protections kick in. . . . .  
The fledgling exchanges are still likely to fall short of the government's own targets for 2013.  The administration had projected more than 3.3 million overall would be enrolled through federal and state exchanges by the end of the year. . . .



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