Support for Obamacare in new CNN/ORC poll falls to record low: 35 percent in favor, 62 percent opposed

Support for Obamacare has never been high in these CNN polls, only getting as high as 43 percent.  But with only 35 percent in favor, they are hitting a new low.  There is no difference between men and women in terms of support.  Independents oppose Obamacare by a 65 to 33 percent margin.  Of all the breakdowns, only Democrats and liberals have a favorable impression of the law.

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Just as interesting, only 16 percent of Americans think that they will be better off due to Obamacare.  It is pretty clear why Obama isn't calling the Affordable Care Act by the name "Obamacare" any more.  Sixty one percent think that they will be able to keep the same doctors that they currently have.



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