Seriously? Over a month after the Obamacare marketplaces have started, Obama administration has finally finalizes regulations for these exchanges

Is it surprising that Obamacare has the problems that it has when the final regulations for the Obamacare exchanges weren't even set up for more than a month after the exchanges started?  From The Hill newspaper:

The Obama administration has finalized additional regulations for new health insurance marketplaces under ObamaCare. 
The 236 pages of regulations released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on Thursday set out oversight and financial standards for the marketplaces, called exchanges. 
“In this final rule, we encourage State flexibility within the boundaries of the law,” the agency said in the regulation.  
The standards are meant to protect consumers shopping for insurance on the exchanges and outline provisions for small businesses to buy insurance for their employees.CMS’s rules are some of the final measures for the exchanges, which opened up on Oct. 1. . . .

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