The iPhone 5S could have some really big "features that no saw coming!"

People have heard that the fingerprint censor will be built in the home button.  But did you know:
Apple's iPhone Fingerprint Sensor will use NFC . . .  The control circuitry in the electronic device may use the optical structures of the fingerprint sensor when communicating with external equipment. . . . Apple further clarifies that the external equipment mating with an iPhone Home button may be a peer device such as a point of sale terminal, a computer, part of an embedded system in an automobile, part of an audio or video equipment, or any other suitable external device.  Technically, it would appear that Eddy Cue may be thinking of integrating this NFC docking system into their future "iOS for the Car" project; a project that has been seen by many as a real threat to those in the in-vehicle infotainment sector. In fact it's quite an ambitious Apple project that could extend into home environment controls.
See the entire discussion and much more at Patently Apple.  As you read this discuss it all seems obvious, but you wonder why no one has produced this before.



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