Senator Harry Reid's outrageously false statement about Florida's Stand Your Ground law

Senator Harry Reid (at 1:12 into the clip) focuses on the Stand Your Ground law after the Zimmerman trial.  Here is his absurd claim:
Reid: It doesn't end with the jury trial.  There is the Justice Department looking at this and maybe the state of Florida will take a look at this outlandish law they have that allows people to track people down and this self defense thing is been brought to the point where they should take a real hard look at it. . . .
It is hard to believe that he doesn't know that his statement is outrageously false.  Some how we have gotten from a law that makes it so that people don't have to retreat as far as possible before being able to defend themselves against a real threat to where it somehow allows people to track down those that they want to shot.  Does Reid even understand that Nevada is a "Stand Your Ground" type of state?



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