Very nice review of "More Guns, Less Crime" at Amazon.com

I don't think that I have ever previously pointed to an Amazon.com review of one of my books, but there is a particularly nice, detailed review of the third edition of "More Guns, Less Crime" that has been posted by a fellow academic.  It is much appreciated that he took the time to read the book so quickly and wrote up such a detailed review.
First, some background about me: I am a Ph.D.-holder and tenured professor whose immersion in the insular politics of academia had led me to harbor many negative perceptions about firearms. Though I was never staunchly "anti-gun," I was not a gun owner, did not understand the appeal of firearms, and generally believed that gun control legislation was only common sense. That changed four years ago when I (finally) decided to look into the data on guns, crime, and public safety for myself. I am a trained researcher, but I conducted my research for personal not professional reasons. My wife was pregnant and I wanted hard facts--not talking point from the political parties--so I could make an informed decision about what to teach my children about firearms, and whether it would be prudent or dangerous to have one in our house. 
I was drawn into that research almost immediately by the sheer force of my own disbelief. . . .
The rest of the review is available here. Anyway, thanks very much for the review.  It would be nice if this review was rewarded with a few clicks on the link indicating that the review was helpful.



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