Police and crime in Chicago: The ups and downs in Chicago's crime rates

First Mayor Rahm Emanuel cuts the number of police officers.  Even worse, under Emanuel police were moved to unfamiliar neighborhoods, losing years of knowledge in dealing with informants and other contacts.
2008 13,359 
2009 13,088 
2010 12,515 
2011 12,092 
2012 around 12,000
Then because of the resulting increase in crime he has to give the existing officers expensive over time.
Hundreds of Chicago police officers are hitting the streets on overtime every night in dangerous neighborhoods, the latest tactic by Mayor Rahm Emanuel's administration to reduce killings in a city dogged by its homicide rate and heartbreaking stories about honor students and small children caught in the crossfire. . . .  
If it continues, the tactic would cost millions of dollars each month — putting the one initiate on pace to exceed the department's entire overtime budget by fall.
At least it isn't too surprising that more police officers mean less crime.  See also this.

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