Interview with Mark Levin on my new book "At the Brink"

It was a very lively interview and is available here.

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Blogger Unknown said...

I am going to sue you for plagiarism! Kidding, of course. But, I was just listening to Mark Levin's show from Friday and heard you talk about two points that I have been adamant about since Obamacare was passed.
The comparison to auto insurance is the exact one I've used, many times.
Also, the point about the IRS having no enforcemant for the penalty/tax. I tweeted that section of the law to Eric Bolling and sure enough he used it on The Five that day.
The only thing they might possibly try, even though according to the law they aren't allowed to levy, is withholding refunds. All that will do is make people start to adjust their W-4's. What will the gov't do without all those year-long interest free loans?
I've read the bill cover to cover and it's obvious it won't work, mainly for those two reasons.
You don't buy car insurance after the accident!!

Thanks for pointing these important things out.

2/25/2013 11:53 AM  

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