"Colorado Democrat Under Fire For Suggesting Female College Students Fearing Rape Should Not Have Access To Concealed Guns"


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I have a sister, had a mother, and I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful daughter and grand-daughter - not to mention my wife and many female friends. Thank God I'm out of the reach of this bastard - and, hapily, so are the females in my life. Representative Salazar wants adult women in his sphere of influence to utilize "safe zones", "call boxes" and "whistles" so that they don't Pop" out their guns and "pop, pop" at the wrong person. I guess flighty airhead "Connie Co-ed" can't be trusted with dangerous machinery!
That's the most denigrating thing I've heard spoken about females in memory. If he gets ONE woman to vote for him in his next election he's gotten too damn many. I can't say anything else without being too uncivil for Dr. Lott's wonderful site.

2/19/2013 4:01 PM  

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