Cuomo announces massive new gun control measures


Blogger Chas said...

0.007 is an absurdly small a percentage of murders to go after, especially at the cost of raping the Bill of Rights.
So why does Cuomo do it? The political left has always been eager to disarm the political right. They resent that their political opponents can say no and mean it because they are armed. The left has no regard for the feelings, values and political beliefs of those on the right. The recent treatment of Hobby Lobby demonstrates that. The left's philosophy isn't "live and let live", it's more like "forced compliance". If they take our guns, they can then take whatever they please, and I doubt that they will exercise restraint in their taking. Cuomo's grotesque “gun control” proposals are evidence of that, and he hasn’t even taken our guns yet.

1/09/2013 3:58 PM  

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