Use of false email address "triggered an inadvertent ruckus" for head of EPA

Does this sound like Politico is running interference for the Obama administration?  Could the Obama administration please explain how this fits in with his pledge of transparency?
EPA officials say the agency wasn’t trying to hide anything by giving Administrator Lisa Jackson a secondary email address to use when corresponding with other government officials. 
But the name she chose to use — “Richard Windsor” — has triggered an inadvertent ruckus for an agency already under fire from conservatives. 
The name came from that of a family dog when Jackson lived in East Windsor Township, N.J., an EPA official said Tuesday. 
The seemingly cryptic name has spawned a host of accusatory news reports and questions from lawmakers in recent days, all of them implying that Jackson was trying to dodge congressional oversight and public records laws by using a “private” email account under a fake name. . . .
A related story is available from The Hill newspaper here:
Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) accused the Obama administration on Tuesday of shielding possible discussions on a carbon tax from the public. 
Vitter, a top Republican on the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner alleging the administration is hammering out details for a carbon tax proposal. 
Vitter questioned Treasury’s denial of a Freedom of Information Act request from the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute think tank. The think tank sued Treasury last week for not releasing emails from the agency’s Office of Energy and Environment that contained the word “carbon.” . . . 

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