Defensive gun use in Kansas City

Here is a story from Kansas City, Missouri's KCTV (video available):
A homeowner fed up with burglaries used his shotgun to hold crooks at bay Friday morning.This occurred just before 5 a.m. at 5438 Blue Parkway on Kansas City's east side.
Jim "Jim Bob" Lundberg described noticing something was off near his shop area.
"I thought, 'Nobody's suppose to be there.' I thought they might be out there trying to steal the air conditioners," he said.
And he'd had enough of the crime in his neighborhood.
"So I went back to the house and grabbed my gun and went back up the hill where I've got vehicles parked and halfway up the hill I saw two people coming around," he recalled.
He believes they were attempting to vandalize one of the vehicles on his property. But it wasn't any vehicle. It was his beloved older model Chevy Camaro. When he saw them pull out cable cutters as if to remove the battery, he made his move.
"I jumped up and fired a shot. And I said, 'Hunker down!' I told them there wouldn't be a second shot, and they hit the ground," he said. "They hit the ground pretty quickly. But the thing was they wasn't going to be a second (warning) shot." . . .



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