Do a Google Search on "Completely Wrong" and you get page after page of links to Mitt Romney stories

I did this search around 2 AM this morning.  You have to go to the third page of searches until you come to a link to something using the term "completely wrong" that has nothing to do with Romney.

I must say that searches that I did using Bing and Yahoo produced similar results.

UPDATE: Fox News has this: "Mitt Romney’s Google problem is 'completely wrong'"

A Google Images search for the phrase “completely wrong” yields page after page of photos of the presidential candidate, calling to mind Google Bombs lobbed in the past against Rick Santorum, George W. Bush, and others.
But this is no Bomb, the company said.
A Google spokeswoman told FoxNews.com that Romney’s Google problem isn’t something the company can “fix” -- labeling it instead a “natural” effect of the algorithm. After secret video was released of the candidate saying he “didn’t have to worry about” 47 percent of the population, Romney used the phrase to describe his off-the-cuff comments.
"Clearly in a campaign, with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question-and-answer sessions, now and then you're going to say something that doesn't come out right," Romney told Fox News host Sean Hannity. "In this case, I said something that's just completely wrong." . . .



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