"Conservative Iowa Woman Sues Law School Claiming They Didn’t Hire Her Because of Her Politics"


Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

I find myself at a loss to understand the duality of Liberals. To wit: They claim to be the champions of the 'oppressed', yet they themselves do everything they can to destroy anyone who disagrees with their views.

If we look at the position that the most vehement of these liberals occupy in society, we will see that they exist in a state of privilege and wealth, yet they cling to an illusion of importance and superior knowledge that others cannot understand.

This simply is not the case at all, and is an unsuportable argument. When confronted with the truth about the hypocrisy they engage in, they reply with accusations of racism, hate, and bigotry, etc.

The actual causality of the liberal response to individuals such as Teresa Wagner, is that they will do anything they can to cling to what they percieve as power. For it is the power to be free of the rules that that they wish to impose on others that mean the most to them, and any threat to that must be destroyed.

I am of the opinion that vehement liberals are mentally ill. After all, they strongly believe in a irrational fantasy that does not exist. They are narcissistic. They completely ignore reality even in the face of overwhelming evidence. Morals are whatever they say they are, and are of no consequence in their mindset. The destruction of others is acceptable simply because of their infinite superiority.

Sounds like a unstable dictatorial mindset, does it not?

Power corrupts...

10/19/2012 1:47 PM  

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