Newest Fox News piece: Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman and the media's misleading rhetoric on guns

My newest Fox News piece starts this way:
Democrats want to make gun control an issue in the upcoming November elections. With Obama telling gun control proponents last year to be patient, that he was pushing gun control “under the radar,” it was probably always destined to be an issue. But the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in Florida has opened up an opportunity for Democrats to more openly embrace it. When asked about Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law on Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden warned: “as a consequence of the [gun control] laws, [people] unintendedly put themselves in harm's way.” Biden praised Florida's governor for setting up a commission to review the state's "Stand your ground" law and reminded everyone that Obama had already called for everything, including gun laws, to be re-examined. There's no question that the media has pushed the Martin story. . . .

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Blogger Tomphil56 said...

Why is it most people associated with FOX want to paint Martin as deserving to get shot? a 17 year old kid doesn't pick a fight in a strange neighborhood--i don't care what color he is. There is PLENTY of evidence in the 911 call that Zimmerman was after the kid. For you to imply this kid 'started it' is absurd. Even if he did strike Zimmerman - its because Zimmerman ALREADY labeled Martin as acting weird or on drugs. As a parent of a young man, seeing an unarmed kid die like this is just plain wrong. Why do you want to plant this idea the kid was 'asking for it'????

4/03/2012 10:28 PM  

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