John Edwards doesn't understand why he is being treated differently than JFK and Clinton

Edwards is right that there is something of a double standard. After all, Edwards was the Democrats VP candidate in 2004. Does this mean that Dems would have also turned on Clinton if he had not been president at the time? From the Washington Post:
“He knows he made mistakes,” Bergenfield says on the eve of Edwards’s trial, which is set to begin Thursday with jury selection. “But John thinks that the treatment of him is so unflinchingly horrible and that what he did is not so different from what others did — JFK, Clinton, the whole rogues’ gallery. We’ve had this conversation about his situation, and I remember he did compare it to Clinton. He said, ‘I did a horrendous thing, but I don’t know why I’m getting such an unforgiving treatment when you think of what other people have done.’ ” . . .

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Blogger Mike aka Proof said...

Treated different than JFK? Well, for starters, Jackie wasn't dying of cancer.

4/15/2012 1:50 AM  
Blogger John Lott said...

Dear Proof:
That is true. But on the other hand, Jackie was pregnant and also had a miscarriage while JFK was having his affairs. Plus John Edwards was an amateur on the number of affairs compared to JFK. The recent revelation about JFK literally forcing himself on a just turned 19 year old intern hardly conjure up a lot of sympathy for JFK.

4/15/2012 12:38 PM  

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