Michigan moves to get rid of gun-free zones for concealed carry

Concealed carry permit holders are currently allowed to openly carry their guns in "gun-free zones," so these gun-free zones are actually misnamed. Presumably few people are willing to carry openly in churches and schools, and few people seem to be aware of the law on this point. Right now at least 6 hours of training is required to get a concealed carry permit. To carry in these "safe" zones, another six hours will be required. My guess is that very few people will go through this additional training. From CBS in Detroit:

A State Senate committee on Thursday approved changes to Michigan’s concealed weapons law that include allowing people to carry concealed guns in churches, schools and sports arenas.

The legislation now goes to a vote in the full Senate.

Under the new law citizens would be allowed to carry their weapons into churches, schools and sports arenas — places they currently aren’t allowed to be packing heat. The proposal would also eliminate the state’s 83 county gun boards and transfer the power to issue CCW permits to local sheriff’s departments.

“Basically it’s a pretty huge rewrite of the concealed weapons permit law,” said WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick.

Under the amended law “highly trained” permit holders would be able to carry in the gun-free zones – which would require extra hours of training and more rounds fired at the range beyond the current basic requirements. . . .

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