Stock prices falling in EU despite (or because of) Greek Debt deal?

Why does the EU and the US government think that their money will be spent any better this time? Last time the Greeks got a bailout they just kept spending as they had previously. From Market Watch:

“They don’t trust Greece. Agreeing is one thing, but implementing is another and they want assurance that Greece will live up to the agreement,” said Lenhoff. “If the parliament refuses to approve the measures, Greece will have to leave the euro zone, because they’ll default.”

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Blogger Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "My Greekommie compadres have done a great job of bankrupting Greek capitalism, but they're also doing a great job of bringing down the rest of the capitalist world with them! Who would have thought that a little, insignificant country like Greece could kick the US markets around like soccer balls? Ha! Ha!"
"The most comical aspect is that the rest of Europe is allowing my Greekommie compadres to get away with it! My Marxist amigos in Greece are essentially saying that if they don't get more bailout money, they'll crash their own economy, and Europe is falling for the scam! Ha! Ha! All your Europe are belong to us! And your American markets too! Ha! Ha!"
"Of course, one should look at my commie compadre, Comrade President Obama, for leadership on the issue of the impact of Greece on the US markets. There, that didn't take long, did it? Because he isn't providing any leadership on the issue! Ha! Ha! It's great having an anti-capitalist, non-cheerleader for the US markets, Marxist in the White House, isn't it? It works for US! Ha! Ha! We commies don’t really need to occupy Wall St. when we already occupy the White House, do we? Ha! Ha!”

2/11/2012 9:42 AM  

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