Colbert/Cain "train missing traction in South Carolina"

Colbert may have gotten a lot of publicity for his attempt at embarrassing the Republican party, but he only got one percent of the vote. Now the question is whether much of the media will find Colbert a joke as well. From Politico:

Not many South Carolinians got on board the Stephen Colbert-commandeered Cain Train.
Just a few thousand people — 1 percent of the vote — went for Herman Cain in Saturday’s primary, despite the comedian’s effort to turn a joke out of Saturday’s primary results by urging fans to vote for the former Godfather’s CEO’s, whose name remained on the ballot.
Colbert trumpeted the former candidate as an alternative to voting for him on his Comedy Central show through the past week. A super PAC set up to aid the effort even aired a commercial teasing that Cain is “such a Washington outsider he’s not even running for president … Send them a message. On Jan. 21, vote Herman Cain.” . . .



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