"Zuckerman scoffs at WH “pro-business” claims"

From July 9, 2010.



Blogger Chas said...

We have a US president who does not support the US markets. Instead, he sympathizes with, and has words of encouragement for, the Occupy Wall Street crowd who want to tear down the US markets with their anti-capitalist, Marxist/socialist agenda. Their anti-private sector animosity goes so far as to pressure people not to shop at stores run by companies that are publicly traded. That's who President Obama supports. Too bad for your retirement savings that's in stocks and bonds - the markets just had their worst Thanksgiving week since the Great Depression had in 1932. Maybe we can all retire to a tent in Zuccotti Park.
We need to get the Marxist out of the White House while we still have a country to save. Obama must resign. His election was not a four-year license to ruin our national economy, which is exactly what he's using it to do. This country should not have to suffer through another miserable year of a miserable economy under his miserable presidency. Get out!

11/26/2011 1:23 PM  

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