Romney is going to go after Obama as a flip-flopper

I have thought that this is Romney's best case, but he can't even pick the right flip-flops to go after Obama on. I will give you one that everyone has ignored and that is Obama's continual promise during the 2008 campaign to cut "net government spending." So how did that work out? From the National Journal.

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Blogger Peroni said...

Why would any candidate use all the good soundbites on Obama right now? The effective attacks will be done when a candidate is chosen. No reason to take the key Obama flip flops right now.

So far, actually, if you looked at Romney's internet videos on Obama they have exposed the joke that he is.

Still going with your attacks on Mitt eh John? Haha! ; )

Happy Thanksgiving

11/21/2011 10:27 AM  

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