Obama knew that there would be serious legal problems with an insurance mandate

It would be nice to think that the Supreme Court was told about Obama's own doubts about the legality of the insurance mandate. Note that Obama never publicly stated his doubts about the legality of his center piece legislation.

DeParle, in her memo, stressed that Obama should embrace a plan much like that in Massachusetts, driven by the teeth of a mandate, where individuals would be fined for not having health insurance. Obama, never much for the mandate, was concerned about legal challenges to it but was impressed by DeParle’s coverage numbers. . . . . But the mandate, with its various features, was expensive, adding an estimated $287 billion across ten years to the total cost. . . .

Suskind, Ron (2011-09-20). Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President (Kindle Locations 5796-5801). Harper. Kindle Edition.

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