Did American taxpayers pay for Solyndra's campaign donations to the Democratic Party?

If the California Democratic Party is listed as a creditor simply because Solyndra gave them a donation, it looks as if American taxpayers are the ones who actually made the donation. From Fox News:

Among the roughly 5,000 creditors named by Solyndra, a bankrupt solar energy company that is under investigation for losing a half billion dollars in federal loans, is the California Democratic Party, which says it doesn't know why.
The bankruptcy filing doesn't say why the organization is listed as one of the creditors or how much money it is owed. The filing contains about 200 pages of creditors listed in alphabetical order with their address but not the amount owed.
Tenoch Flores, the communications director for the California Democratic Party, told FoxNews.com that he wasn't sure why the organization was named a creditor since the California-based company didn't owe it any money.
But he said there's likely a procedural explanation, such as Solyndra providing a list of all potential creditors, including organizations and companies that ever received a payment or contribution for any purpose.
Solyndra did not respond to requests for comment.
Solyndra gave $7,500 to the party last October, according to campaign-finance records reviewed by The Washington Times, which first reported the listing. . . .



Blogger maxandmurray said...

$7500 in October and they were actually "bankrupt" in December, 2010.....saved by former investors in February by an additional $75 million invested...at which time our government allowed the $75 million to take precedence over our $535 million in the event of a bankruptcy.

YES...our taxpayer money went to the Democratic party. These acts are criminal on their part, as well as our current admininstration. I hope someone goes to jail for this at Solyndra and at our government.

9/29/2011 2:20 PM  

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