Despite massive subsidies, virtually no Chevy Volts have been sold

This is a nice experiment given that the Cruze and the Volt are the same cars with the exception that one is all electric. The Volt even with all the massive subsidies that it receives has sold almost no cars. From Fox News:

In August, and for the second month in a row, the Chevy Cruze was the best selling compact car in America, with 21,807 cars sold.
The Chevy Volt? Not so much.
Only 302 of the plug-in hybrids were delivered to customers, up from 125 in July. . . .
The total [sales for this year] stands at approximately 3,772.
With over 7,500 built since production began in late 2010, many of which are tied up as demos, and production currently running at 150 cars a day, GM is certainly on track to build more than 10,000 cars by Christmas break, but are the customers there to buy them? . . .

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Blogger Chas said...

Obama's communist central planning approach to the economy isn't working for him. His "green" subsidies are collapsing one after another. His presidency is shifting from failure to catastrophe.
Obama's election was not a license for him to wreck the economy for four years. We have reached the point where he should be asked to resign, so that new leadership can be tried.

9/02/2011 2:57 PM  

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