Obama keeps blaming Republicans for slow economic growth

Democrats may have had complete control of Congress and the presidency during the last Congress, and that may have been true all the way up until January this year, but Obama is blaming Republicans for the current slow economy. Note that the economy during the first half of this year the economy grew at 0.4%, and the first quarter was the slowest. Is Obama really blaming the slow growth in the first quarter on Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives? Well, Obama's Saturday radio address sure makes that claim:

A vacationing U.S. President Barack Obama accused Congress on Saturday of holding back the U.S. economic recovery by blocking "common sense" measures he said would create jobs and help growth.

In remarks recorded on Wednesday on his campaign-style bus tour in Illinois and aired during his holiday in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Obama said the stalled construction, trade and payroll tax bills could give a boost to the economy.

"The only thing preventing us from passing these bills is the refusal by some in Congress to put country ahead of party. That's the problem right now. That's what's holding this country back," the president said in his weekly radio address, which is also transmitted on the Internet. . . .

The text of the radio address is available here.

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Blogger Chas said...

The president's remarks make perfect sense if one views them from the perspective of Urkelnomics.

8/20/2011 12:47 PM  

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