What happens if you act defensively in the UK

A shopkeeper in the Old Trafford area stabbed a robber to death. The shopkeeper was "confronted by a group of masked men, one of whom had a machete." Originally, this was the decision:

Last week, the Crown Prosecution Service said Flanagan, 59, would not face charges because he had used reasonable force and had acted in self-defense.

Now he has been arrested:

A shopkeeper has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a man trying to rob his shop was stabbed to death.

Police were called to the shop, in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, at about 9.40pm on Tuesday after reports that a man had been injured. It is understood a number of men had attempted to rob the shopkeeper.

The injured man was taken to hospital with a stab wound, and died a short time later.

Police sources said a 72-year-old man, understood to be the shopkeeper, was arrested. He has not been identified.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester police said: "A 30-year-old man with serious injuries was taken to hospital, but he died a short time later. A 72-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder."

Chief Superintendent Mark Roberts added: "The investigation is in its early stages, and we are still trying to establish the circumstances of what has happened. . . .



Blogger JuanCudz said...

I think you are confusing two seperate incidents. The police will make an arrest, analyse the evidence and then make a recommendation to the Crown Prosecution Service. The first incident, a few weeks ago, no prosecution took place. In this new one the police are still investigating. All that remains is whether the CPS will apply any consistancy in the decision, as a 72 year old man and his domino playing friend would seem to have a right to defend themselves from armed robbers you would think?

7/28/2011 8:19 AM  

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