More on the Federal Government Telling Boeing It has to Build Plane in Washington State

"This is nothing more than bullying by the labor unions. This is Harry Reid and President Obama carrying their water and making sure our companies are hurting because of it. All they're doing is getting the friendliness of other companies that are going to take our jobs. It's a terrible thing for South Carolina and terrible for our country. I'll tell you, while this happened in South Carolina, I won't let this happen to any other governor in other state. We need to allow our companies to create jobs where they want to. We're very grateful for Boeing in South Carolina. What the president needs to do is ask the NLRB to step down. This is the union's last attempt to be relevant and it's not working," Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) said on "FOX & Friends" this morning.

No jobs are being lost out of Washington State. Boeing was expanding jobs in Washington State and this line is in addition to what is in Washington State. Whether it is Obama refusing to give disaster aid to Texas because it is a Republican state or this payoff to unions, he uses government to make payoffs to his supporters and punish those with whom he disagrees. This is exactly one reason why you don't want government to get too powerful.

UPDATE: "NLRB lawyer: Boeing complaint 'not intended to harm' S. Carolina workers"

Is this serious? How can the NRLB not say that this was not expected or intended to negatively impact South Carolina workers?

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