Now even Illinois seriously considering concealed carry law

With a likely veto from the governor, things will unlikely go anywhere, but still these are positive developments. There is also the hand writing on the wall with the fact that soon Illinois will be the only state that bans concealed carry of handguns.

Illinois lawmakers are taking aim at some new legislation that would make it legal for gun owners to carry concealed weapons.

House Bill 148, named the Family and Personal Protection Act, is seen as giving gun rights advocates their best chance at getting the legislation passed.

Already 48 other states have some form of this law and proponents say HB 148 levels the playing field between criminals and law abiding citizens in Illinois.

"Criminals don't follow the law and law abiding citizens who follow the law should be able to protect themselves, their property and their family so it's a question right now of the fact that a lot of citizens are disarmed and really sitting ducks for criminals," said Attorney Walter Maksym, who has represented numerous plaintiffs, including the man challenging Chicago's handgun regulation. . . .



Blogger Rail Claimore said...

I'll believe it when I see it. But I will say this: short of a court decision, Illinois will go shall-issue before New York, New Jersey, or California do.

3/01/2011 4:39 AM  

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