Blumenthal again rewrites his biography

Blumenthal gets caught again embellishing his background to help win political points.

"I'm new to the Senate but I'm not new to this battle," Blumenthal said at a Capitol Hill news conference, his first since taking office. "Since the days of Roe v. Wade, when I clerked for Justice Blackmun, as a state legislator, as attorney general, I have fought this battle."

The problem is, Blumenthal clerked for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun in 1974, the year after Blackmun wrote the Roe v. Wade decision. . . .

But the news may be how Blumenthal's staff threatened the press for covering this false statement.

Warning Mirror reporter Deirdre Shesgreen to stay away from writing an "incendiary" story, Rubiner left the Mirror scribe with the sort of dubious threat that can become infamous among journalists and political junkies:
"This is a very unfair route you are going down," she said. "We'll remember this."

Perhaps this is what happens when newspapers such as the Courant, New Haven Register and the Day abandon Washington coverage. Bossy senate staffers get used to managing the news.



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