After lunch with Obama, MSNBC's Matthews says Obama will push for more gun control in near future

Matthews- There's going to be a special Presidential address on gun control. It has not been scheduled, but there's going to be one. In the near future.

Lawrence O'Donnell- Breaking news from Chris Matthews.

Matthews- Yes you can take it from me... So he's (Obama) not over-looking it, they must have made a tactical decision that it would be the headline tonight and they're looking for a economic/jobs headline tonight.

O'Donnell- I see what you're saying, you're saying it would have stolen what they wanted to deliver tonight.

Matthews- Well, a lot of the country it is the issue. It makes no sense to some people in the suburbs and in the cities and perhaps someplace in the rural areas, but in other areas in Western Pennsylvania, guns are it and I don't think he wanted to depress the news that he's trying to make about jobs tonight. . . .

Note Lawrence O'Donnell is simply wrong about the clip being what allowed the attack in Tucson to occur. People were out of the gate so quickly about this attack, but they only find out later the facts. In this case, the gun jammed precisely because such a long clip was used.

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Blogger Cory said...


I still think it is imperative to realize that gun restrictions are not the answer. 10 rounds vs. 33 rounds doesn't make a difference. They are trying to place blame on an inanimate object. One nut job murders people in cold blood and millions of gun owners deserve to have their liberties restricted.

This is a blatant and sickening tactic by the President and his supporters to use a tragic event to further their curtailment of personal freedoms.

Refocus on the issue -- Murder in cold blood. Magazine limitations or anything else doesn't cause anyone to murder. This is akin to saying that all cars capable of going above the speed limit are a danger to society and the government is going to ban them. No one would stand for it. No one should now.

1/26/2011 4:04 PM  

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