Energy Secretary Steven Chu flip-flop on Ethanol

With Gore's reversal on Ethanol, it was probably only appropriate that the Obama administration would flip-flop the other way.

"Ethanol is not an ideal transportation fuel. The future of transportation fuels shouldn't involve ethanol." —Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Nov. 29, 2010 . . .

after Energy Secretary Steven Chu admitted on Nov. 29 that ethanol really isn't any sort of intelligent plan for our nation's gasoline supplies, Energy Dept. spokeswoman Stephanie Mueller issued that same day a statement vitiating Chu's comments: "Secretary Chu believes that biofuels can, should, and will vastly expand the economic opportunities for America's farmers today and in the future." . . .

Meanwhile, the EPA said testing will continue to determine whether a 15 percent blend of ethanol can be used in vehicles older than 2007 models, but put off making the final ruling on those tests. At this point it should be noted the entire logic for forcing more ethanol on the public is the fact that a [Democrat] congressional mandate will increase the amount of ethanol we use to 13.95 billion gallons in 2011. . . . .

The damage done to cars when more than 15 percent of gas contains ethanol can be huge. Obviously, even if the average tank of gas has 15 percent, there will be some variation around that average.

A quick diagnosis determined that that particular car had close to 18% ethanol in the fuel. For that unlucky owner, the repairs came to nearly $900. The ethanol fun was just beginning. . . .



Blogger Charles said...

An item not discussed in your link, and that I've never seen in a general media source...
We can't use ethanol blend gasoline in most small airplanes. Therefore, those of us that normally fly all or partially on Auto-Gas are instead forced to use much more expensive, and higher-lead, Avgas.


P.S.: Thanks for your continued efforts providing a greatly informative blog.

12/26/2010 11:26 PM  
Blogger Martin G. Schalz said...

It simply never ceases to amaze me, that no politician ever mentions the energy density differential between gasoline, and ethyl alcohol.

12/27/2010 1:56 PM  

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